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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are questions most commonly asked about the Family Medallion® presentation

Does the Family Medallion® represent a specific religion?
Family Medallion® resources were designed for use by all faiths. Presentation materials are easily adapted to specific religious wedding traditions as well as civil ceremonies.

Do you have Family Medallion® jewellery with more than three rings in the design to represent each of our children?
Family Medallion® jewellery was designed with three rings to represent love between two persons reaching out to include others. It is a symbol for family relationships.

Do Family Medallion® resources have to be presented during the wedding ceremony?
Approximately 75% of Family Medallion® presentations are during the wedding ceremony. However, many parents present them prior to the wedding or at a special time when the family is together.

Will my children really wear Family Medallion® jewellery?
Our experience is that children become very attached to the Family Medallion® items and place upon them the same value that parents place on their wedding rings.

I have a son. What is the most appropriate Family Medallion® item for boys?
Our survey shows that young men prefer the ring or pendant but often in silver. The Family Medallion® pendant with the dark finish (FM #4) or the solid ring (FM #51) are very popular.

Can Family Medallion® jewellery be engraved?
All of the solid pendants can be easily engraved by a jeweller.

Are Family Medallion® resources used only in wedding ceremonies?
Family Medallion® pendants and rings are presented on a variety of family occasions including birthdays, baptisms, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.

Can the bride and groom also wear Family Medallion® jewellery?
Many couples have chosen to present Family Medallion® rings or pendants to each other in addition to their children as a symbol of family unity.

All of our children cannot be at the wedding. How do we recognize them? Also, some of our children are married. Do we include them and their husbands or wives?
Children who are not present should be recognized also and Family Medallion® jewellery sent to them or presented at a more convenient time. The Family Medallion® ceremony is designed to recognize all children regardless of age. Husbands and wives of children should be included.